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Business Consulting

We give the best Services

Here at Smile Planet we are 70% result & 30% process oriented our goal is to provide the best professional services/guide to our clients at all time with the sole aim to enable them scale up in order to meet up to their daily business objectives inline with their Vision & Mission Statement.

Our business consulting services scope encompasses the following;

Our team of professional consultants are always available to provide & deploy a well-tailored business solution through our tested & confirmed strategic and innovative consulting model to enable you have a clear insight on how to navigate & scale up your business/idea from where you are, to were you truly desire to be, either at the short-team or long team.

Once you engage us

Our First task is to conduct a professional personnel meetings with you ,your employees, management, and any other relevant stakeholders to enable us Review what you already have on ground, ascertain the mixing links ,fix the puzzles with a time frame & offer you that 360°  business turn around solution you truly desire to reposition and make your business profitable & visible for your niche market (customers) with the overall goal to become top-notch in your line of business.

We offer professional Comprehensive Business Analysis for your business with key Focus on Financial Statements, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements as key tools. At least two periods of information are required for analysis. A period can be a month, quarter or a year. Monthly analysis is recommended for companies less than 3 years. Quarterly reports are recommended for companies over 3 years.

Financial Ratios
Financial Metrics
Narrative Report
Projection Report
Common Size Data
Comprehensive Business Analysis
Projection Narrative Report
Revenue and Profit Budget
Industry Benchmark Report
Industry Comparison Report
Key Performance Indicators
Some benefit you stand to gain from our business consulting services:
Data-Driven Decisions
Save Cost & Resources
Clear Sales & Revenue Model
Profitable Business Model
To provide objectivity & clarity
Revive & Reposition your business
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