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Business Consulting

We give the best Services Here at Smile Planet we are 70% result & 30% process oriented our goal is to provide the best professional services/guide to our clients at all time with the sole aim to enable them scale up in order to meet up to their daily business objectives inline with their Vision & […]
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IT Solutions

We give the best Services Our goal is to daily provide our client with world class I.T solution to enable them bridge the gap between their targeted market’s desire & satisfactions. Here at Smile Planet our business I.T team don’t just write code but We develop professional software to position your business as topnotch brand […]
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Capacity Building

We are accredited consulting & training firm by Nigeria’s Centre For Management Development also as John C. Maxwell Team Member One thing is sure which is we offer and run a world class professional personal & career development program. Our daily objective is to intentionally build the capacity of organizations in order to position /reposition them […]
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