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When it comes to business lager amounts of data entry tasks can lead to increase costs. One thing is sure data is important when it comes to making vital and result oriented decisions in organizations. So, the demand for accurate data will continue to grow as your business expands. At Smile Planet, our core business is to ensure that data entry is done fast and efficiently. We are aware that the process could be time-consuming and tedious. We also know that it could be costly if you hire full-time workers for data entry work.

So, we give businesses the option of outsourcing all their data entry tasks to us inexpensively. We will ensure that the data is available in a format that you want. We provide both offline data entry and online data entry.We committed to ensuring that you have enough time to focus on the core of your business. While we handle your data with a clear goal to make it available timely & accurately It means that you can outsource data entry tasks to us

Real Estate Data Entry

On a regular basis, real estate owners, realtors, and other real estate professionals have to deal with the huge data coming from different sources. The data may include property valuation details, property listings, sales and commission information, legal files, etc.

The real estate industry is a thriving sector, which has left realtors and real estate firms with enormous data from numerous sources to be handled,have trained and experienced professionals for providing efficient data entry services and are one of the most preferred destinations for real estate data entry services by customers

Some of the key real estate data entry services we offer include –

Property Listings
Hard Copies Data Entry
Property Documentation
Warehouse items listing
Real Estate Database Creation
Real Estate Legal Documentation
Property Sales Records Data Entry
Property Online/Offline Data Entry
Real Estate Data Capture Services
Real Estate Legal Document Filing
Gathering Buyer and Seller Information

Who Should Opt in

Real estate companies
Real estate owners
Real estate brokers
Real estate agencies

Why choose us

Affordable Rates
We provide top-quality and highly affordable real estate data entry services, with further discounts on bulk orders
Highly Accurate
Our team is well trained and has the required expertise to provide highly efficient data entry for the real estate clients with a high accuracy rate
Domain Expertise
We follow strict workstation data security policies to ensure that all the data you share with us are completely safe
We have thorough understanding of the requirements in the real estate sector and are capable of offering customized solutions to all our clients
Quick Turnaround Time
Highly Accurate
We have numerous skilled resources at multiple delivery centers spread across the globe to provide services within a quick turnaround time
Data Security
Invoice & Bill Data Entry

With our team of professionals readily on ground to work with your business you will be sure of reducing your operating expenses by approximately 60-70% You just don’t have to use your funds without understanding the outcome.include getting your invoices in a folder format such as Word, HTML, Excel, JPEG or text as per your preference and needs. We provide you with great packages without affecting their quality and delivery time.

Benefits for engaging us

Our highly trained team of professionals will handle your case with devotion and precision.

We emphasize on security of your data since we understand how important and confidential it is to you.

Since we understand the aspect of time-saving, we ensure flexible and speedy service provision to your entire business.

Enjoy our flawless customer support provided on a 24/7 basis by our devoted team of skilled personnel.

Survey & Forms Processing

We understand how time-consuming Survey and forms processing can prove to be; yet, the moment you get to know the secrete behind the cost-effective services we offer at Smile Planet,Give us the opportunity to assign one of our skilled outsourcing team to work hand in hand with you for your research endeavors,rowing and maintaining a strong customer base is equally important.

Some of the survey and forms processing are:

Data Analysis
Survey Research
Web Survey Research
Web-Based Research
Digital Data Processing
Offline Survey and Forms Processing
Crew & Passenger Forms Processing
Online survey and forms processing
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