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When setting up a business it is important& key you get the structure right at the start to ensure it will stand the test of time. However,naturally as a business grows changes may need to be made to the structure of a business whether it is for asset protection, succession planning or revenue/sale planning. Because starting or Operating your own business at any level is an exciting adventure, but at the same time it’s an adventure you should not undertake uniformed or go in with assumptions,permutations or uncalculated risk which can quickly become an overwhelming experience and may likely sink everything you hold dearly in your business including but not limited to Finance,Human resources, Internal & External system, Sale & Revenue, brand identity, Team management etc.



Business structuring /restructuring involves complex human resources, legal and taxation issues. As every business is different, our strategy for structuring /restructuring will need to be tailored to your unique business needs. it is important that a business considers all its options available in order to manage its business daily operational activities.

Smile Planet team of professional are here to sit down with you (Organization) to formulate a practical positive result-oriented step by step business structure plan to restructure and re-engineer your business processes. With our numerous business tools and techniques to positions or reposition your people (Team), processes and technology in line with your value proposition (Product/Service) for the overall benefit for your targeted market (clients) and to your business investors.

Some benefit for your Return on Investment (ROI) when you engage us are as follows:


Business Succession Plan
Develop a business blueprint
Budgeting & Cashflow Forecasting
Measurable Sales Strategic Planning
Yearly budgets & cash flow forecasts
Risk minimization and asset protection
Preparing business plan & revenue model
Team Key Performance Indicator (KPI) & benchmarking
Ensuring you understand your tax and legal obligations
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