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Opp Living Faith Church Durumi II, By Area 3 Abuja

We can help you fix that very
business or career puzzle.
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We don’t skip
Without consulting, plans stay as plans. View services
An empowered mind
is a creative mind.
Without consulting, plans stay as plans. View services

Here at Smile Planet, our core value propositions are

business & career management consulting and advisory services tailored locally for global stage. We operate within 3 main divisions: 

Business Consulting

We are 70% result & 30% process oriented our goal is to provide the best professional services/guide to our clients at all time

Capacity Building/Training

One of our core services is coaching because this aspect of our service system is to intentionally connect with you in order to carefully provide a world class business coaching solution

IT Solutions

Our goal is to daily provide our client with world class I.T solution to enable them bridge the gap between their targeted market’s desire & satisfactions. Here at Smile Planet our business I.T team don't just write code but We develop professional softwareto position your business as topnotch brand in your field

Our team of professionals are on standby to always work & walk with you

We have the wealth of practical experience to guide you on how to fix that very business or career puzzle.

Our goal is to Help Build Brands to enable them Dominate their niche Market

our professional business branding services help companies last a lifetime. Building a brand is about the experiences that people have when they interact with your business.


Active to work

Our goal is to daily intentionally work with you for productivity, reduced cost and increase revenue.

Completed work

Our work flow is in 5 phases, Initiation, Planning, Execution, Performance/Monitoring & Closure.

To review means to look back over something for evaluation or memory.

It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do has positively
impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their

Many organizations realize the benefits of forming work teams.

We parade a world-class team of well-trained professionals with diverse knowledge, extensive technical skills and experiences across industries.

Don’t misread here we have random & interesting facts.

Starfish can re-grow their arms. In fact, a single arm can regenerate a whole body. Google’s founders were willing to sell & consult.
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You are welcome onboard Smile Planet value packed Flight.

We’re here to guide you on how to creatively connect your business/career dots, in order to give you maximum value on your investment

Our head office address:

Suite BA 11, Apo Spark Light Mall, Opp Living Faith Church Durumi II, By Area 3 Abuja.

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    We would love to share a similar experience and how we learned some valuable lessons during a downturn.

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